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Dental Leaders Podcast

Jan 8, 2020

Mahrukh Khwaja is on a mission to empower women in dentistry - a quest borne out of dealing with difficult bosses and overcoming unhealthy relationships.


In today’s episode, Mahrukh talks about why she feels something worth striving for - and why more women dentists should be celebrated.


She also shares some thoughts on her other passions - mindfulness, meditation and the art of maintaining good mental health.  




“In our profession, mental wellness is not always really focused on. I feel like burnout and stress is a common issue amongst dentists currently. Whenever I connect with other dentists, they will tell me about their story, and stress, burnout and long hours, and rumination over patient complaints is a common one that I'm hearing. If there was a way to support our profession - I'd love to really focus on that.” - Mahrukh Khwaja


About Mahrukh Khwaja

Since graduating from King's College in 2010, Mahrukh has dedicated herself to helping patients regain their confidence through cosmetic dentistry. 


Mahrukh also holds a PSE in psychology - a qualification which helps her to build meaningful connections with patients and provide holistic treatment. 


In this episode:


02:55 Empowering women in dentistry


08:57 Perfecting the work/life balance


11:03 Looking after mental health


16:04 How Mahrukh overcame a past relationship


30:41 The benefits of therapy


36:11 Female role models in dentistry


42:47 The importance of mindfulness

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